The light that leads to life
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A Beautiful Gift To Celebrate Jesus
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Monday, 25 November

Main Features

Inspired by the word of God in John 8:12, JESUSLIGHT was conceived as a symbol of hope in our high tech and socially-driven lives. From waking up to the moment our heads lay down to rest, JESUSLIGHT is an invitation to talk with Jesus, as our fast paced days can often move us away from who we really are. Jesus is the light that calls you back, encourages and equips you to lead a fulfilling life. For a generation lit up by Jesus Christ.

Sophisticated Touch Controls

Slide your finger across the wood beams to control colour & brightness.

Sync with your Music

The upcoming Mobile App will allow you to visualise your praise as a light show.

Lightshows Scenes

Set the perfect light effect for every occasion using Smart LEDs &individual controls.

Mobile Controls

A simple way to configure, group and interact with your lamp & set your preferences.

Voice Controls

Ready for voice control if successfully funded over $500K.

16 Million Dimmable Colours

Millions of colour combinations and blended white light for you to choose from.

Prayer Community

Submit prayers and pray for others using Mobile App. Receive a light effect when someone pray for you.

Rechargeable Battery

USB-C powered so you can recharge on the go.

Profits go towards Families in Crisis

We are a Christian Social Enterprise, meaning we give financial year profits to non-profit organisations helping families with Mental Health, Special needs Children, Homelessness, Violence, Parenting or Marriage Issues.

Lighting up the lives of Families for Christ

Beautiful Artwork

The multi award design team behind JESUSLIGHT created the perfect blend of light, aesthetics, and technology.

Let There Be Light

98 LEDs on the back of the cross create the perfect light ambience.

Intuitive Touch Controls

A  simple way to control your light. Change light scenes or simply turn the power on/off with the swipe of a finger.

Premium Materials

A piece of art using premium wood materials and electronics.

Take a closer look.

A crystal like finish brings a beautiful appearance whether turned on or off.

Sophisticated Controls

We make sure you can control it your way.
Touch, App or Voice.

An app to control
with ease and comfort

With the Mobile App, you will be able to easily turn your lights on and off or change the colour or brightness of all your lights to match your mood or your activity.

Sync with you Music

Fill any room with God's presence through worship and light.

Prayer Community

Praying for each other. Submit prayers and pray for others.

Lightshow Scenes

Inspired by God's creation. Light up your life with Jesus Christ.

Voice Controls

Ready for voice control if successfully funded over $500K.

Millions of Colours

Millions of colour combinations and blended white light for you to choose from.

Time for Jesus

Breakthrough your busy routines. Make time to renew your spirit and wisdom .

Adjust brightness & colour with a sliding touch

You can easily control the brightness by simply sliding your finger on the wood cross. Slide left-right to adjust colour. Slide up-down for brightness.

Colour controls

Slide your finger left to right across wood beam.

Brightness controls

Slide your finger up to down wood beam.

Timer controls

Top and lower area of the cross have timer options.

Power button controls

Click to cycle through Light scenes.


Christian and Filvent first met at the new students welcome Pizza Party at Melbourne University Foundation Year in July 2002, the rest is history. From the beginning, despite coming from two different backgrounds, they have inspired and supported each other towards a life of truth and unconditional love.

In 2017, after becoming parents to their two children Jaden and Alessi, a casual kitchen conversation lead to a life changing mission to create a symbol of light and hope to families in crisis.


Our personal mission is to build a company that helps families dealing with domestic violence.

Engineering Team

JESUSLIGHT concept and prototype has been developed by Tricycle Developments. They are an award-winning product design studio with a decade of experience in innovation, and bringing technically challenging products to life. Tricycle Development specialises in industrial design and product engineering. They have experience working with ambitious startups, technology leaders and global brands:

Funding will allow us to continue to work with TricycleDevelopment team to assure that the product you receive is to their high quality standards.